About Jydiel Studio

We are a stately wedding & photography company based in Maryland, USA. Our coverage spans across the United States, Europe, Canada, Africa and other parts of the world.

At Jydiel Studio Photography is our life.

We are passionate about quality pictures never ceasing on our oars, focusing on the dynamics of photography in a bid to satisfy our ever growing clientele. Hence, we bend over backwards to satisfy our clients and we don’t breathe a sigh of relief until we see our clients smiling.

About Jide

Meet your photographer

I am Jide Ademulegun, the founder and creative director of Jydiel Studio. Intrigued by the art and craft of creating moving images, I followed my passion for spawning digital copies of life and visual representation of human emotions.
My style is emotion filled and detail centered. It goes beyond the fascination of lenses and excitement of clicks and stretches to the heart and soul of couples, portraits and events. It’s telling life stories from memories.
Life is art, Photography is only a witness...